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Servo Stabilizer is an automatic voltage regulator, which primarily consists of the following features :
Linear, plus / minus type vertical rolling contact voltage regulator
For making these regulators, we use heavy section of electrolytic grade rectangular copper strip instead of copper wire in order to minimize the losses & increase the efficiency of equipment. We also employ self lubricating Carbon Roller Assemblies instead of ordinary Carbon Brushes that offers more reliability and trouble free performance of the equipment.
Double wound buck / boost type series transformer
In our Buck / Boost transformer, we make use of CRGO lamination to reduce iron losses. The coils of Buck / Boost transformer are wound with heavy section of multi strips electrolytic copper to minimize copper losses to get better efficiency of the equipment.
Electronic control circuit and meter panel
Automatic Voltage Controller usually consists of very simple electronic control voltage circuit for monitoring and controlling voltage, repair and maintenance of which is very easy. The regulator and Buck / Boost transformer are oil cooled, placed in same or separate sheet steel tanks. These devices are provided with radiators for effective cooling. The coils of voltage regulators & Buck / Boost Transformers are vacuum impregnated and oven dried as per IS.

Effect of Unbalanced Input Voltage between Phase to Phase
Industrial units located in residential and commercial areas, which do not have their own distribution transformer, have the problem of unbalance input voltage between phase to phase. They many also have the problem of frequent failure of three phase motors.

Normally unbalanced input voltage problem persist for few hours in a day and will have the following effects on the three phase motors

  • With 5% Unbalanced Input Voltage between phase to phase, the LOAD will be unbalanced and the capacity of the motor reduces by 40%.
  • Consumption of the three phase motor will increase by 20 to 25%.

Setting of motor relay is kept higher than actual required in order to avoid frequent tripping of the overload relays and to continue production. The motors which are particularly smaller motors up to 7.5 H.P. cannot withstand this high current for long duration. In many cases the motor burns out and this high current flows through the relays, contactors, cables etc. which result in failure of the same and in some of the cases may cause fire also.

The best solution for such units having unbalanced input voltage, is to install Servo Voltage Stabilizer with Individual phase Control.

Special Features of Voltage Stabilizers manufactured by Binary Engineering

Better Life
The life of stabilizers manufactured at BINARY ENGINEERING is more than 10-15 years at full load as compared to 2-3 years for those of conventional make stabilizers.

The efficiency of BINARY make stabilizer in terms of input voltage range, is more than 98-99% as compared to 93-97% of conventional make stabilizers available in the market.

Duty Cycle
Our stabilizers are heavy duty, industrial type and are suitable for 100% load continuous duty cycle. For running load of 200 KVA, BINARY make stabilizers of 200-250 KVA are suitable.

Temperature Rise
Automatic Voltage Controllers are designed for maximum of 35-40 degree temperature rise at top of oil whereas allowed limit is 50° C.

Stabilizers manufactured at BINARY are guaranteed unconditionally for 2 years.

We have servicing centers all over India to provide immediate service to our customers. The service engineers pay monthly visits in their respective areas for routine check-ups.

Energy Saving
The Servo Stabilizers of BINARY are Categorized under ENERGY SAVING. Our stabilizers will cost much lesser in long run to conventional type stabilizers.

Payback Period
The payback period for the cost of BINARY Servo Voltage Stabilizer is from 6-12 months which depends upon the input voltage variation and number of working hours of the plant. The HIGHER the input voltage the SHORTER will be the payback period

The core of voltage controller is constructed from cold rolled grain oriented, low loss, annealed laminations of electrical sheet steel conforming to the latest international standards. To make the whole structure rigid and robust and to reduce magnetic losses special frame is built in-house for clamping the core.

Coils are wound with paper covered electrolytic grade copper strip or synthetic enameled copper conductors. Rigid connection support and coil clamping is provided to ensure high short circuit strength.

Precompressed board PRESSBOND board and NOMEX insulation paper of best quality is used in our products.

In all our voltage controllers, oil is tested for resistivity, dielectric and acidic characteristic conforming to IS 335. Before topping up oil is filtered through

Tanks and Paint
The tanks are made of M.S. steel plated / sheets. The external surfaces are given a finishing coat of Epoxy paint for better life.

Meters & Control Systems
Quality products are used.